5 Tips to Buy Quality Used Cars in Florida

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Purchasing a used car can be challenge for any used car buyer. However, if you follow these five tips, you will avoid the common mistakes used car buyers often make.

Do Online Research

When purchasing a used car or truck in the state, say Florida, you have to research the car, its resale value, current price range in the market, and find dealerships which are carrying the make and model.

Researching resale value and price range will provide you the price variation based on miles, vehicle condition, and installed options on the vehicle. This information will help you to decide which vehicle(s) meets your criteria within the price range you want to spend.

Check the Vehicle History

Before you visit the dealership to check out the vehicle, review the CarFax or AutoCheck report of the vehicle. Most dealerships have these available on their websites. If for any reason it is not available online, ask the dealership to email you a copy. If the dealership excuses itself from providing the report, walk away from that used car.

Buy From A Reputable Car Dealer

You have a choice to purchase the car from a used car lot or from a new car dealership, like a Mazda or Nissan dealership. If you are looking for a particular used car model, say Mazda Miata, it is prudent to purchase it from a franchise dealership, like Wallace Mazda.

However, if you are looking for any good deal on a used car, make sure the dealership you are planning to buy from has a good reputation. Check their rating on Google Plus, Facebook, etc. If they do not have a business page on the social media sites, it may be a red flag. In this case, check the dealership with Better Business Bureau and review the CarFax/Auto Check report of the vehicle you are planning to purchase.

Test Drive

After arming yourself with all the needed information, it is time to visit the dealership and checkout the vehicle by test driving it. There is no substitute of test driving the vehicle you plan to purchase. Drive it on highway and smaller roads. Check the brakes, suspension, transmission, muffler, etc.

Take your time, if you are not satisfied due to any reason, make sure dealership addresses your concerns rather than telling you it is a ‘standard’ feature.

Negotiate Price

Do not assume that listed or sticker price on the used car is the final price. If you have done your homework, let the dealership know about options you have available at other car dealers. Franchise dealers often are more inclined to negotiate hoping that you will come back and purchase or lease a new Mazda or a different make.

Follow these tips to purchase your next car from any dealership in Florida or any other state.

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5 Tips to Buy Quality Used Cars in Florida

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5 Tips to Buy Quality Used Cars in Florida

This article was published on 2014/01/02