Accidents at Supermarket Car Parks - with Thousands of Visitors they are Hard to Prevent

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Visitors regularly fall and injure themselves on uneven surfaces in supermarket car parks. Raised concrete edges, broken tarmac, cracked paving stones and pot holes (often appearing following periods of ice and snow in winter), can all cause customers and employees to trip, stumble and fall. Sprains, strains and broken bones from such accidents will often require hospital attention, and a lengthy period of rest and recovery. Shops have a legal duty to ensure that their premises are safe for visitors at all times, and this means operating a system of inspection and maintenance that eliminates potential dangers before they can pose a risk. Where they fail in this regard, they may face a compensation claim from an injured party.

Snow and ice can wreak havoc in winter, routinely bringing basic services to a virtual standstill. Going outdoors is treacherous, though supermarkets will still be visited by large numbers of customers, despite the conditions. Management must make sure that they have sufficient supplies of salt or grit to prevent dangerous patches of ice and snow forming in the car park. As in other areas, they are expected to take all reasonable measures to make the premises safe for their lawful visitors, and before either employees or customers arrive at the start of the day, stores must ensure that all surfaces are safe to walk on. There is also the risk of slush being trampled indoors, and similar efforts must be made to stop entrance and exit areas becoming slippery.

Effective cleaning routines for outdoor areas at supermarkets are particularly important in reducing the risk of accidents. Litter and spillages can cause shoppers to slip and injure themselves when entering or leaving the store. Broken glass is always dangerous around children, as well as other sharp objects they may pick up or tread on. Shop staff may also discard pallets and packaging materials in areas of the car park, creating a potential tripping hazard. Both management and staff at supermarkets are responsible for operating an efficient and safe system of work, that minimises the risk of a visitor getting injured on the premises through no fault of their own. This includes making sure that no obstacles or obstructions block public access routes, where they may cause an accident.

Other less typical accidents in car parks include collisions between shoppers and rows of shopping trolleys, or stock crates on wheels, being pushed by workers. Supermarket staff need to pay particular attention when manoeuvring trolleys and crates, as older shoppers and children especially may have difficulty avoiding them. Vehicle accidents are common in supermarket car parks, though the company itself is rarely at fault in such instances. Several shocking reports in recent years have however highlighted the danger of defective security barriers at entrances and exits at supermarkets. Where these malfunction and fall onto the bonnet or roof of a vehicle, those inside face the risk of serious injury, and even death. This again highlights the importance of a proper system of maintenance in car parks, that identifies and deals with potential hazards at the earliest opportunity, before they threaten the safety of visitors.

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Harry Marldon says that that both staff and shoppers who haveaccidents in car parks could be entitled to compensation from that supermarket. Specialist personal injury solicitors will be able to claim compensation from supermarkets for accidents, as they can happen to anyone especially in winter when conditions are dark and icy.

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Accidents at Supermarket Car Parks - with Thousands of Visitors they are Hard to Prevent

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Accidents at Supermarket Car Parks - with Thousands of Visitors they are Hard to Prevent

This article was published on 2012/02/25