Auto Maintenance Tips - 10 Wrong Maintenance Methods

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Many private car owners prefer to wash in the hot sun, believing it will soon be washed the car body of water to dry. But in fact the wrong men, and car wash in the hot sun, water droplets formed by the lens effect will paint the top of the local high temperatures generated, over time, paint will be dull. If at this time waxing, body color, are likely to cause uneven. Therefore, car washing waxing is best under the conditions of shelter, if not guarantee, the best selection in cloudy or sunny in the morning, the evening carried, the owner should be aware of the proper maintenance of the following common sense.

Car wash as a bath - damage air conditioning

Case of weather temperatures, dust, increased body glaze, the frequency of car wash owners have begun to rise, many owners want to be like when the car wash yourself thoroughly confused, like a bath. However, to note here is that we must maintain the appearance of the dry auto air conditioning, air conditioners do not care if the car is wet, it will affect the life of automotive air conditioning.

Waxing with a circular motion the way - poor results

Many people are accustomed to body waxing way to the circle, this is not the right approach. Waxing the right way to approach a straight line, alternating horizontal and vertical lines, then the direction of water flow the last one, in order to reduce the paint surface of the concentric ring-like effect.

Oil too much - the fault

When the engine oil sump in the low, the friction bearing and journal, etc. with low due to poor lubrication oil, increased wear, and even lead to burning ZWZ accident. However, if too much oil, the engine crank handle at work, connecting rod big end will produce severe agitation, not only increases the power loss inside the engine, but also to increase oil splashed on the cylinder wall, resulting in burning row of oil failure . Therefore, the engine oil sump in the oil-foot should be controlled in the upper and lower is better among the grooves.
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Bolts too tight - the permanent deformation

Tightness of the belt, can improve the engine cooling effect, so we kept improving the fan belt tightness, causing the fan belt too tight, not knowing that this approach is wrong. Fan belt tension should be maintained properly because of too tight cause bearing loads, wear increased, power consumption increases, but also make the water pump shaft bending, stretching deformation belt, shortened life expectancy.

Import tires - not applicable

Some people like to buy tires in particular emphasized that "imports." Tires push the new foreign to domestic users, there is one of the most fatal flaw is not applicable. European flat surface with the Beijing Second, Third road conditions are very different, for the European road tires in Beijing can hardly be a good performance, especially the impact of sidewall the apparent resistance of some inability to adapt, just as wearing Italy brand shoes generally take the gravel road, from the fetal side of the package is inevitable. Some foreign brands in the domestic joint venture to produce tires, the road conditions are based on the domestic side of adding a layer of tire cord fabric, thereby greatly enhancing the tire side impact resistance, a joint venture production of tires from a performance perspective can fully replace imported goods .

New battery not charging - shorten the life span

The first charge is called the initial battery charge, initial charge of battery life have a great impact. If charged, adding that "water" direct use, the battery capacity is not high, life expectancy will be shortened; if direct charging will shorten the life span. Usually the initial battery charge is complete electrolyte filling, with a small current charge about 1 hour to install and use.

Vehicle equipment, plus random - road safety impact

Owners of private cars is a mobile home, the pursuit of passenger comfort and luxury is nothing wrong, but some car owners to install their own hands in a variety of devices, such modification, if not handled properly, performance of the car and the convenience and reliability are often manipulated adversely affected, easy to leave after-effects or affect driving safety.

Cooling water temperature is too low - the engine wear and tear

When the hot weather, some drivers in order to prevent the engine temperature is too high, the cooling water temperature blindly requirements as low as possible; some drivers in order to achieve the purpose of cooling, we simply remove the thermostat, these practices are wrong.

Both the span and cold car engine, if the cooling water temperature is too low, will deteriorate the fuel combustion, increased fuel consumption, increased wear, oil viscosity increases, engine power reduced. Test showed that the vehicle is in motion for the cooling water temperature 40-50 degrees Celsius, the engine wear increased by 60% -80% power reduction of 25%, 8% -10% increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, the engine cooling water temperature not lower the better, generally should be controlled at 80-90 degrees Celsius.

Tank "boil" water fast - Cylinder Cracking

When the hot weather, some drivers saw the tank a "boil" phenomenon, and then worry about the engine temperature increases, immediately turn off water. This approach is wrong, it is very likely caused by the cylinder head because of the sudden cold and cracking phenomenon. If you run into the water tank, "boil", generally the right approach is: immediately stopped, let the engine idle speed to keep idling to heat; the same time open the engine cover, increase the cooling speed. Cooling water temperature to be reduced, then the engine stalled. At this point if the number of insufficient cooling water should be added slowly to prevent the cylinder Gein appears suddenly in the cold and cracking.

No cars or short term car - mechanical damage

Although some people become car owners, but usually "not willing to" drive, just leave out for a drive when, in fact, this car is very harmful way to the car. Engine and gearbox and other transmission parts for the surface often in direct contact with the state of the air to rust, battery will discharge because of the long-term impact on the natural life.

The best way is to run a car every few days, running a three to four minutes. In addition, a short car will always hurt car, car moving, but are open at any time is not far, is a major cause of car injuries. Car parts in the engine start to wear the most serious between the stabilization phase, to launch a car battery power consumption is also about driving 20 minutes to make up, this car is very easy to make the car early habit of going wrong.
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Auto Maintenance Tips - 10 Wrong Maintenance Methods

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