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The formula one grand prix, otherwise known as the F1 grand prix refers to a series of races which are normally held in developed circuits or public roads. The races involve participation of formula 1 auto racing cars. Formula 1 auto racing cars are specially build for racing purposes. Most prominent F1 car developers make standard one-seater cars with certain specifications on speed and strength. They are also made in a standard size and shape to fit world racing standards. When the grand prix races are held, points are combined according to winnings and other considerations to come up with the world championship selection protocols.

The grand prix f1 (F1 grand prix) races are hold two championships every year with one meant for drivers and another for the constructors. The highest level of formula 1 racing is referred to as the Formula One World Championship. The championships are usually supervised by the Federationale de I Automobile (FIA). The drivers and the whole crew of the participants of grand prix races are normally supposed to be holders of super licenses, the highest level of fast speed racing licenses.

The first class cars that take part in grand prix races have built-in high speed engines and operation systems. Most of the cars can race at more than 360 km/hr. but still remain controllable due to their making. They have an enormous hose power and numerous applications to boost their speed. The engines revolve with a speed of a maximum of 18000 RPM, and the cars have a literal acceleration of 5g. Some applications such as traction control and driving aids were banned at some point in the grand prix driving history due to a variety of reasons. The f1 cars have rubber tires developed to fit into the roads and perform under high pressure fit for the Saison de f1 (f1 season). They are fitted to respond quickly to acceleration and breaking. The response of the cars to drift and hydraulics applications is high.

F1 cars are meant for single person control and have a lowered center of gravity. Their parts are however customized for easy connection and reconnection to fit driving needs. Some races have experienced mass accidents offormula one vehicle. Due to the nature of the f1 racing and the delicacy of the races, the drivers are supposed to wear certain standards of protective material and drive with precaution. The cars don’t normally race on a timing basis unlike most of the normal races. They run on the basis of first-to-arrive winning, making them very competitive. The roads are however standard making racing convenient.

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Building of F1 cars

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Building of F1 cars

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