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Car accessories are as important as your car; they make your car comfortable and help to run smooth. Today automotive market is flooded with different range of car accessories. Some of the basic car accessories are as follows- floor mats, carpets, car covers, seat covers, music decks, cell phone holder and roof tracks.. These car accessories give a classic touch to your car and wherever you drive the car it attracts lot of attention and eyeballs.

There is a wide range of choice in car accessories at a reasonable price.  For instance, to make your wheel look cool and elegant, you can use shiny and stylish rims which are very modern. You could also add up some lightning effects to add some more sparks in your car.

There are two major categories of car accessories, one is Interior Auto Accessories and the other one is Exterior Car Accessories. As the name suggests, Interior Auto accessories include all the accessories that are used inside the car, for example- Carpets, seat covers, TV, stereo system, Air freshener, air Bags, Mobile holder, wooden dashboards, soft seat cushions and many more.  

On the other hand, Exterior Car Accessories are used for car's exterior. These accessories include- side bars, body panels, license plate, wheel covers, windshield wiper blades etc.
Both exterior and interior of your car should be given equal importance. If your car's exterior attracts people then interior of your car depicts your personal style

The latest car accessory that has come up in the market is L.E.D. head light which not only enhances the beauty of your car but also make your view clear in a foggy and dusty weather. The color and design of your side mirror also have a crucial role as they give the view of the road and traffic along with the scenic beauty of the place.  So a good quality and attractive side mirrors should be preferred to buy for your convenience and for car's beauty. If you have a pet that you often take out for drive then there is another important car accessory called pet barrier; it is used to keep pets at the back of the car. The car bras are useful car accessory; they protect car grilles and hoods and battle against the dirt kicked up by your wheels.  

First aid kit is an unforgettable car accessories and very useful for long routes. Similarly safety kit provides protection to kids during driving.

To manage your car temperature rightly, you should put quality air conditioner, purifiers and air filters.  If you are fond of music and entertainment then you can think about installing a small LCD in your car. Today, GPS is given great importance for navigation. It helps you to find the way incase you are lost and very useful in tracking your vehicle in cases like kidnapping and hijacking.  They also come with special features like audio and video playback, FM radio and e-reading abilities.

You could also view car accessories in Internet but whatever accessories you choose; only buy which you need the most and should have great quality. There are almost 500 accessories to choose from and it can often bewilder you which one to buy. Therefore, before you go out to shop for your accessories make a list of useful items, which is very time saving. However, sometimes you do not find proper substitute for your car accessories then it is advisable to purchase all necessary accessories at the time of purchase of your car.

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Car accessories

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This article was published on 2010/09/23