Car Leasing Benefits - What Are The Benefits Of Leasing A Car?

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Why is Car Leasing becoming more popular every year?


One of the main reasons why more and more businesses and individuals are choosing Car Leasing as a means of financing a new car or van is that they are fed up of the high depreciation rates that affect most vehicles nowadays. Most cars end up being worth between 30% and 50% of their purchase price after three years, with few exceptions, so this can represent a huge capital loss to the owner.


One of the benefits of Car Leasing is that it can be much more cost-effective, especially if you take advantage of a special deal or manufacturer's offer, as the total cost of your rentals over the contract period is usually less than the amount that the vehicle has depreciated over that time.


However, there are many more benefits of leasing a car than the depreciation issue.


Here are the main Benefits of Leasing A Car 


  • Fixed monthly payments - easy budgeting of your motoring costs
  • All Servicing & Maintenance costs and Roadside Rescue can be included
  • Road Tax is usually included for the duration of your lease
  • Flexible terms and mileage allowance to suit your needs
  • A brand new car every 2 or 3 years, avoiding the costs of running an old vehicle
  • Low initial outlay compared to purchasing a vehicle
  • You can often afford to drive a better car than if you were buying a vehicle
  • No worries about the depreciation risks associated with ownership
  • Avoid the hassle of disposing of a used vehicle every time you change your car
  • No need to trail around the dealers looking for the best part-exchange price
  • Free delivery (and collection) of your new lease car to your home or office
  • You are able to put your Personalised Registration Number on the lease car
  • You can take your lease car abroad on holiday or business
  • Simply hand the vehicle back at the end with no further commitment
  • Flexibility to extend the lease at the end of the term for a further 6 or 12 months
  • You may be able to purchase your lease car as one of your End Of Contract Options


Additional Car Leasing Benefits for businesses 


  • Up to 100% Tax Relief available on the lease rental payments
  • VAT registered businesses can claim 50% of the VAT back on cars (100% on commercial vehicles)
  • All the VAT can be reclaimed on the Maintenance element of your car lease
  • Contract Hire vehicles will not appear on your balance sheet, improving your accounts
  • Improve cashflow by taking advantage of the low initial outlay available
  • Fleet Management and Accident Management Services can be part of your contract
  • Reduced administrative costs, especially when leasing cars with Maintenance


With all the benefits of Car Leasing listed above, there is a compelling case for this form of vehicle finance. If you're looking for a straightforward way to finance your new car or commercial vehicle, where you can simply hand it back at the end of the contract period, and you have no desire to ever own the vehicle, then Car Leasing may well be for you.


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Car Leasing Benefits - What Are The Benefits Of Leasing A Car?

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Car Leasing Benefits - What Are The Benefits Of Leasing A Car?

This article was published on 2010/09/17