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In the past ten years, people lost their lives in car accident, the number of lives that's lost in car accident will surprise you, about 1.3 million dead! Not to mention about 50 million people injured. Airplane is actually the safest transportation in the world, and ‘black box' is known famously as it records all data before accident happens, so is car recorder.

So what exactly is car recorder(Wholesale Electronics)? Similar as black box from airplane, it records all data when you are driving and it could even auto activate to record video when there's a shock and so on, it won't keep you safe but it let you know how things happen and give you a full analysis.

This device is getting more popular each day, it's called as car recorder and also called car black box, usually installed in car windshield to record all the information that you needed, such as:
Usually has a high-resolution color camera, it has different angles of lens.
A three-dimensional shock sensor is built inside.
You can adjust recording time for pre-alarm and post-alarm, which means you can record video before and after alarm starts.
A GPS is built inside, so you don't have to buy a GPS again.

Various information can be shown on video image such as time, direction, speed and GPS coordinates.

It can be converted to AVI which means most of media player can play your recording. Even though you are not recording video all data still will be recorded, including shocks, your location and speed extra.

It's highly integrated with Google Maps, that means you can track routine by using Google maps, and also you can export it directly to Google earth, that's much more convenient than before!

A fully accident report is printable, and there are various languages that you can choose from.

You can pre-set to record video when there's a shock.

From user experience side, response time and a little bit lack of operational freedom also is a disadvantage of android tablet, but hey, it's much cheaper, isn't it?

need it, choose it and safeguard your life!

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Car recorder

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This article was published on 2011/03/24