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Retailers are now producing more and more products that help you safe time and money in your daily life.  Many people spend a significant time in their cars travelling and there are many gadgets that are designed to use while travelling to keep your car tidy and organised.

If you have children, this can be even more crucial, my children make a lot of mess in the car, leaving rubbish and toys in there and climbing over the seats with dirty shoes.  Car seat accessories can make it much easier to keep clean and tidy; you can move things in and out of the car with minimal difficulty.

The most obvious car seat accessories are car seat covers, these come in a variety of materials for different purposes.  Waterproof ones are great for muddy dirty work, they can be washed regularly, quilted covers make the seats really comfortable, again they protect against dirt and wear and tear.  You can also get a cover that goes over the back of the front seats so the children's shoes don't make marks on it.

In terms of organisation, pockets that can be hung on the back of the front seat are great for putting toys and drinks in, particularly on a long journey.  The children can take out and put back in the items as they need them so they don't get dropped on the floor.  Drinks are kept upright so they don't spill.  An alternative to this are car seat accessories that are pouches that Velcro on to each side of the car seat, they can hold food, drinks and toys, again they are easy for the child to take things in and out on their own.

To keep the car tidy, you can get car bins that sit on the car floor by the children's feet, of course these can be easily knocked over.  I have also found a plastic bag with cardboard hook that you hang from somewhere in the car and then put it in the bin when it's full and put up a new one.

For car seat accessories that offer comfort while travelling, a car sunshade in the back is a great idea.  It stops you get sunburnt through the window and stops the sun shining in your eyes, you can get roll down ones, sucker stick on ones, or actual black film which you stick on the window.

Travel pillows and blankets can be a great help in getting children to sleep on long journeys, they give neck support and keep them warm.  If you get a fitted car seat blanket for babies, these can be great because they wrap round from behind and they can be unwrapped if they get too warm.

You must make sure that all car seat accessories are safe to use in the car and used in the correct way.

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Car Seat and Car Accessories

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This article was published on 2011/07/13