Charges Smoke And Mirrors Auto 4s Shop Smile And Smile And "knife"-4s Repair And

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Many felt the 4S shop services, private car owners will complain about the charges 4S shops like "smoke and mirrors", the service is warm and the Behind the "wolf in sheep?" Attentive staff recommendation and the warning is real? Recently, reporter in unannounced visits Car 4S shop found that due to car profits shrinking, 4S stores its attention to the parts and maintenance services. Not bad to say bad, can not change the absolute to the repair, auto industry as too specialized, and many private car owners to sleepwalk to endure the slaughter.

Such a sign, 4S stores sold the hundred dollars.
Depression: Maintenance of a bunch of security issues
Recently, the owner of Miss Jiang reflect their own car maintenance in the 4S shop, he was clerk checking out a bunch of "wrong." Faulty brakes, lights replaced and gearbox problems ... ... the report came out, so that Miss Jiang cold sweats, maintenance and replacement costs as high, Miss Jiang refused to staff, "Good" proposal, "money not spent, but the added to a lot of concern when driving a car. "Miss Jiang said. Later, a friend to help find an experienced teacher, Ms. Fu Duijiang conducted a comprehensive inspection car, who told Miss Jiang master anything wrong with her car did not, Miss Jiang's heart was sinking, hanging off the ground, thus She also knows 4S store in Bluff.

According to statistics, Qingdao now has 1.8 million of private cars, and this figure has been growing. Although more people to buy a car, but became a private car owners to support the high fares headache. Buy a car it would be hard to deal with the 4S shop, but each to a 4S shop, vehicle owners have to feel bad waiting for ages. Owners generally agreed that, in the 4S shop maintenance while prices high, but for the sake of safety and security can only "reluctantly bloodletting."

4S shop of accessories than the outside "Jingui" A lot of
Sword: the slaughter that you "do not know"
4S shop accessories really cost effective? Service is worth the money?
19 around 9 am, the one in Chongqing South Road, Dongfeng Citroen's 4S stores, said the car's gearbox broke, asked the relevant repair price. Maintenance staff has to check the car can not be determined without refuse to disclose, has urged journalists to drive the truck just came. "We need to returned to the manufacturer to check if your car still under warranty, determined not to be human because of quality problems we will repair free of charge, if not need your money." The other said that repair only want to change two parts gearbox about 1,000 yuan.

4S away from this shop near Qingdao Auto Parts City in a home shop, repair transmissions as long as 300 yuan. Timing belt press further consultation and price wipers, 4S shops are given 440 yuan and 176 yuan offer, without machining costs. However, Auto Parts City, the same product offer of 110 yuan and 20 yuan. This, 4S store staff said the store sold are genuine, the outside is difficult to ensure the quality of parts and repair of vehicles out of its post-4S shop will charge according to non-warranty. Meanwhile 4S shop also said that even during the warranty period of vehicles also need to be determined upon submission free, and this time as little as half as many days. "If quality problems before the factory package, no package of non-quality problems." Because most owners are outsiders, this provision also to many private owners do not mind a few, because of do not know, so "Ai Zai deal is off."
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Charges Smoke And Mirrors Auto 4s Shop Smile And Smile And "knife"-4s Repair And

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Charges Smoke And Mirrors Auto 4s Shop Smile And Smile And "knife"-4s Repair And

This article was published on 2011/01/04