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Buying a new car nowadays is not much of a deal as compared to that of yester years.  The automobile market is continuously being flooded with national as well as international players. Be it the likes of Volkswagen or Nissan, Mercedes Benz or BMW, Rolls Royce or Ferrari, the country is welcoming all. They are all vying for a share of the Indian automobile industry and trying to tap into the car buying craze witnessed over the recent decades. Added options and advantages for the buyers, availability of more brands, models and variants from the manufacturer’s end, and more financing options (provided by the institutions known as ‘banks’) is part of the grind now.

As a result, what the availability of so many options has done is, it has made the scenario more competitive, increased the buyer’s level of awareness and opened the doors to more business avenues for the buyer and the seller. This has, in turn, helped the car industry to invent newer and better technologies and reach newer heights. This is followed by a huge growth and marked rise in the sale of new as well as pre-owned cars.

Now the quintessential buyer, before making a purchase, will compare cars which include new as well as used cars, weigh all his options and make a thorough research of the car market. After comparing, sorting out the pros and cons and what exactly his requirements are, he will compare car prices to help him zoom in on the most feasible option.

Whether the prospective buyer will go for a spanking new car or settle with a second hand one, recent car buying trends show that he will, at least once, compare used cars and look for a convincing bargain. In fact, many states in India have a flourishing business specializing in used car and sellers from these regions see a lot of potential in it.

Another trend seen by contemporary car sellers is that many people prefer hiring cars for various occasions as they find it hassle free. With having no worries that may have arisen from maintenance problems and with practically no hidden costs, using rented cars is quite a rage now. People, who cannot afford to make a heavy down payment, pay monthly installment and do not wish to be plagued by parking problems, find availing cars on a rental basis much more convenient and wiser. They happily compare car rental lists and choose a new one at every occasion or whatever catches their fancy.


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Compare Car Prices

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This article was published on 2012/01/18