Donate Car and Help Needy People Smile

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If you have bought a new car and want to donate your old one to a charity, then you should read this article and become aware about certain regulations. You would not want any issues later, so you need to make sure that the charity is genuine and would use your car for charitable purpose.

Genuine Charitable Institute

Before you donate car, you need to ensure that the charitable organization is genuine and your donation is valid. For this you have to check that the non-profit organization has a 501 (c) (3) status. You can verify the same through the website of the charity or asking the representative of the charity to show any document that proves the same. If you are still unsure about the eligibility of the charity, then you can contact IRS customer service or visit its website. The website contains names of most of the organizations and trusts that qualify for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Types of Charity

Your ability to donate car will also depend upon the charitable institute you are donation. You actually require meeting the policies and regulations of the charitable organization. Many of the organizations only accept your gift if your car is in working condition. But some of the organizations will take your donated car even though it has stopped working and now comes under the bracket of junk car. In both the conditions, the cost of your donated car must outdo the expenses of towing it and taking it to the charity’s storage facility. You will even notice that some of the organizations only accept the car if it is of certain model or make. These organizations are not selective in their choice, but the reason behind their policy is that they use the car for specific purposes, and if the car model does not suit the purpose, there is no use accepting the car.

After you contact the non-profit organization for auto donation, you will have to inform them whether you will drop your car or they will have to pick it up. They are agreeable in both the cases and they will not make the donation uncomfortable for you in any ways. But before you give the car, you will have to clear all your personal belongings from it. Some of the charities will not accept the car if it is filled with junk items.

Keeping in mind the above points, you can donate car and make the lives of poor people better!

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Donate Car and Help Needy People Smile

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Donate Car and Help Needy People Smile

This article was published on 2012/11/28
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