Driving Aids ,you Must Know

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It is reported that more than 80% drivers do not know knowledge first aid, which leads to more death in car accidents and other emergencies. I f more guys can master some knowledge of driving first aid and prepare some survival kit, the number of driving death would decrease a lot.

Here we have some aspects about first aid of driving. When a car accident happens, we should save life first and then treat the wounded. If there were lots of wounded who need to be taken to hospital, those who are in coma should be taken to the hospital in the first place, and then send those wounded who hurt their vertebrae cervicales. If the wounded were hurt badly and could not get out of the car, we should try to move him out of the car to avoid a second wound. When the wounded are under the car wheel or cargo, we should try to remove the car or move away the cargoes and take proper actions. Remember not to drag the body of the wounded.

The wounded who are in coma could not speak, firstly, we should check the breath of the wounded before rescue them. When we move those wounded who are in coma or in the danger of stifle, we should keep them lie in the side.

If the wounded lose too much blood, and whose life is in danger, what is worse, turn into shock, we should stop the blood through outer pressure and tie the bandage. If the wounded lose too much blood, we should take actions to make him or her keep warm to avoid thermosteresis.

If the wounded is on fire, we should put out the fire on the clothes and jet water to the burning body and get off the burning clothes, later use the bandages which were sterilized to bind up a wound. If the wounded is thirsty, we can give them some saline to drink.

If the wounded get poisoning, we should quickly move him or her to a place where the air is fresh to avoid the wounded get poisoning.

In order to avoid the wounded who get hurt in the bones, do not move the wounded part of him and find some boards or crabsticks fix the joint. Do not move their body at ease and avoid to let them walk.
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Driving Aids ,you Must Know

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This article was published on 2010/10/20