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We have all seen the changes in technology when it comes to cars over the past decade in the UK, and it seems that these intelligent innovations are not just limited to the outside and safety systems of the car. The vehicles that we drive now are far more technologically advanced than their predecessors, and we are seeing advanced braking systems, airbags as standards, ABS brakes and shatter resistant glass to protect us as we go about our daily lives.

So of course we want to see these changes in the inside of our cars too. Technology has come on leaps and bounds for gadgets, and we are starting to see cool little additions as standard in newer model vehicles. The first thing we began to see was the installation of satellite navigation systems, built into the dashboard of the vehicle and therefore not able to be removed. It meant that our cars were safer; there was no need to remove the screen mounted sat nav and put it in the glove compartment for safety, and we could easily navigate through the busy streets in the country.

The problem with new technology in vehicles is the legislation that supports them. There are some systems that can be added as extra to our cars that means that should they be broken into and stolen, they can be traced, but they suffer from delays across the board with uncertainty on regulations. This is great news for car safety.

Nokia's terminal mode is another advance that should affect the way we work from our vehicles. The phone syncs to the HMI in the centre of the car, and it is designed to extend the capabilities of the entertainment without having to distract the driver too much. It's designed to set an industry standard so that as cars develop, there is a level of service that should be obtained.

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Driving Innovations

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This article was published on 2011/06/03