Electric Mini to Hit Japan in 2009

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If you love the mini car and are hoping to have one that is environmentally friendly, then you can have your wish. Sometime in 2009 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is planning on introducing the first electric mini car to consumers in Japan, and if the vehicle is a success other automobile manufacturers may follow suit and start development on their own eco cars.

Mitsubishi started researching their electric mini car in 2006 when they joined up with Tokyo Electric Power Company and the Chugoku Electric Power Company, Inc. In January 2007 the Kyushu Electric power Company, Limited, joined the research. The new vehicle is based on Mitsubishi's I model mini car and it has been named the i MiEV. The name stands for the Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle. The car will be powered by a compact, lightweight motor that functions on high-energy density lithium-ion batteries. A single motor is put in the car in place of the combustion engine. The new single motor is installed in a rear midship layout. Only a few modifications of the vehicle's body are required to outfit the mini car. The car was so well received by the Japanese government that production of it on a commercial basis was approved.

The mini car is equipped with a battery system that is expected to run without any difficulties for 10 continuous years. The mini EV can run at a top speed of 140 miles per hour and because it is commercially viable, Mitsubishi is attempting to bring down the overall cost of the vehicle while helping out the environment. The car does not produce any CO2 and it runs without any sound from the engines. The batteries on the mini EV is recharged through a cable that can be plugged into an 110V/220V standard house socket and it only takes 14 hours to full charge. It does not require recharging until it reaches 140 Kms. It even has strong torque, quiet running, and little to no vibration.

The electric mini car is expected to have a $38,000 price tag which includes all the costs associated with the research. The car is environmentally clean, and when compared to other Japanese mini vehicles the price is actually within reach. Consumers in Japan will get help from the government in paying for one of these cars. Plus this car will run for approximately $0.009 per kilometer, making it cost effective.

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Electric Mini to Hit Japan in 2009

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This article was published on 2010/04/02