Excellent Uses of Car GPS Navigation Systems

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Gadgets have changed our lives altogether. Electronic devices have proved to make our life easier day by day, helping us to finish our jobs faster. One such gadget is a car GPS Navigation system. The world used to be a maze but not anymore with the use of this wonderful appliance. I have been driving for years but personally, I am not good at roads. If I were to reach any place within even 15-20 miles, I would end up taking the wrong turns, wasting fuel and above all wasting time and energy. This also means I would end up reaching late.

Initially I would always feel that investing in a navigator is worthless, I would just need to learn my own roads and not a machine. But one such incident changed my point of view altogether. Last summer, my cousin sister was getting married and I was supposed to deliver her wedding gown which had somehow got delayed and was pending till the last day. And as expected, I was stuck on my way due to heavy traffic, started taking shortcuts in a hurry and ended up taking the wrong lanes. When I reached the venue almost a couple of hours late, I can not explain what everyone's reaction was towards me. It was then that my sister's in-laws suggested me to go for a car GPS navigation device. With the use of a car navigation device, it has been a blessing to me and driving as well as reaching places in time has become much simpler.

I always wondered how these gadgets worked. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and works with the use of satellites. These amazing things can tell us how to reach anywhere and everywhere. There are twenty-four satellites that are situated in the earth's orbit, which transmit signals that are received by these navigators. Due to these signals, they can determine the position of the car relative to the surroundings and can guide you. The best thing I find about the navigators is that these are touch screen and at the click of a finger it would tell the map ahead. I can also personalize the map as I drive so that it becomes easier for future references. The speakers are also great. It makes important announcements in loud and clear voice. At least now I am stress free while driving since I know that someone is there to constantly guide me and I would not be lost.

It is a tough job to select a car GPS navigation device when you do not have any significant knowledge about them. I had initially faced the same problem since there are always so many options available in the market. However, you would soon find out that the top three in the market are TomTom, Magellan and Garmin. Depending on your need, you can select a low profile model like a 2D one without a Bluetooth. But if you want to go for the best, you can choose a 3D navigator with Bluetooth connectivity and many more features like touchscreen displays, wider screen, anti glare, audio player, picture storage, pre-stored maps of various locations as well as countries and the list goes on. But once you have it installed in your car, you can be rest assured that there is someone monitoring you all the time and you can enjoy your driving to the fullest.

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Excellent Uses of Car GPS Navigation Systems

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This article was published on 2010/12/10