Fitting Problems of the Car Stereo System

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What do you know about the aftermarket car stereos? The aftermarket car stereos are built to a certain standard. Since many car industries also manufacture the original factory car stereos according to the same standard, the aftermarket car stereos will fit almost any model of any car brand. But what about the discrete brand? Are they well matched with each other? The answer may be “no”.

You or your friends may fall into the following case we described. Yeah, a large quantity of people try to get the most suitable car stereo like DVD Navigation for their own cars, with which you can enjoy the superior sound quality, listening to music, watching a movie. The fantastic functions really drive you mad and motivate you to make the exciting and perfect the deal. But after the pursuit, you may come to think about the problem of fitting. OK. Now you follow the steps on the mounting instructions. Take down, screw out the components then fix them, screw on. The problem now comes. In order to fix your new stereo, you need to take down the fascia of the old one. However, to your disappointment, the fascia can not be put right back again. Wow, it is not that style you want. It is not consistent with the whole style of the inner decoration and atmosphere of the car. It may seem to have lowered your taste in the aspect of decoration and personal style.

Now how can you get along with the problems? Letting it like that will definitely give you a sad feeling or so since it does not match and seems absurd in the car. The fascia adaptors can come to meet your needs. It is like a magic stick. It can help in single and double DIN sizes and then get your car stereo, DVD Navigation fit into the old car design. (“DIN” is short for “Deutsche Industrie Norm”, a standard measurement for the aftermarket car stereo units.)

In what case, do you really need the fascia adaptor? If the factory head unit is made in the size of single or double DIN, then you do not need any special help and something extra to help the fitting. But if not the case, you do need to get a DIN adaptor kit or double DIN adaptor kit, fascia adaptor for the fitting. The installation is very simple with no special requirement of technical skills. It is not so complicated as you can imagine. A DIN adaptor kit or a double DIN adaptor kit is to be filled in the empty room left after the remove of the old car stereo system. Then the room left by the adaptor kit is exactly the place, in which the new car stereo system is mounted. Sometimes, the final appearance after the whole installation is very odd and strange.

No matter it is fascia adaptor or a DIN adaptor kit or a double DIN adaptor kit, it helps to blend the new car stereo system or car DVD Navigation into the surrounding design of the dashboard. It helps to make the appearance smarter and more attractive. You can ease your concern and worry that it may obscure the display or control of the car stereo system. Sometimes, you can compare it to a magic stick, with which you can fit the aftermarket car stereo system, the DVD Navigation without having to changing the outlook of the dashboard of the car. Besides they can be used in a wide range of car brands, car models. It includes KIA, FORD, VW and so on. Another sparkling point of the adaptor is that the simple installation process.

But it is not easy to seek out the most suitable magic stick for your car. You have to get it based on the car brand, car model even the manufacture year. It is a hard nut to crack. It may be like that.

The adaptor is simple but very useful. If you want your DVD Navigation well fitted into the dash, sometimes it is something you need. To have a personal style, attractive design rather than to cheapen the appearance of the car, you may need such kind of thing.

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Fitting Problems of the Car Stereo System

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Fitting Problems of the Car Stereo System

This article was published on 2011/12/07