Frugal Living Fridays: January 13th Edition

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It may be a Friday the 13th, but the money saving tips we discussed this week will bring you nothing but good luck when it comes to lowering your monthly bills.


On Monday of this week, we talked about the importance of avoiding frozen locks and car doors in the winter time; people will often do what they can to get one door open then run their car for minutes on end, wasting gas, to thaw out the rest of the car, or they might even have to call professionals to help them get into their car. The best way to avoid these potentially costly and totally frustrating scenarios is to pick up some door seal lubricant (to keep your doors good and lubricated to avoid freezing) and a bottle of lock de-icer that you keep outside of the car. This is a great time and money saving tip for frugal living!


Then, on Tuesday, we gave you a great new tip for how to clean wooden cutting boards so as to avoid the spread of dangerous bacteria. All you need to do is pour a little food grade hydrogen peroxide over the cutting board and leave it to kill the bacteria for a few minutes. Then wash with hot soapy water—perfect!


Wednesday’s tip for frugal living friendly meals featured the ever-so-inexpensive chili. There are so many ways that you can change up and re-invent chili; just do a simple internet search and get experimenting with your favourite chili recipe this week.


Thursday’s power saving tip described how the places in which you position your fridge and dishwasher in the kitchen could cause higher electricity bills. Don’t place your dishwasher beside the refrigerator because the dishwasher gives off enough heat that it will warm the fridge, thus making it work harder to keep cool and burning more energy.


Friday’s tip for frugal living was how to make your own ‘Magic Bag’ that can be heated or cooled for pain relief. All you need to do is take a clean old sock (this is a great use for odd socks!) and fill it with rice, closing off the end tightly with an elastic band. Then, when you want to use your very own DIY Magic Bag, simply pop it in the microwave for one minute.


What’s so great about frugal living is that there’s a never-ending number of ways for you to save money at home, each and every day.


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Money saving tips - we have a tendency to mentioned in the week can bring you nothing however sensible luck when it involves lowering your monthly bills.

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Frugal Living Fridays: January 13th Edition

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Frugal Living Fridays: January 13th Edition

This article was published on 2012/01/21