Jump Into the Unexpected

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I have been listening a lot lately that people who are successful chose so. Well, sometimes that is not the case. Sometimes people sit there and watch their lives in contentment until something magical happens and they shine.

Like what?
Well, did you know that Nat King Cole, the singer that made the song: 'dreaming of a white Christmas' so famous, was happy and content just playing the piano in Chicago? Yes, he loved doing that... at a small restaurant where people did not really care much about the background music. Then one day, a drunk white man kind of ordered him to sing. Nat kindly told him that he did not know how to sing. The owner of the restaurant approached Nat and whispered: you better sing boy, that man spends here more than you earn... so poor Nat sang...

His mellow, velvety voice filled the air, people did listen, and the rest is history.

You might also know the joke about the guy who has a party at his millionaire home and offered his cars to any brave person who jumps into his crocodile filled pond and gets back up alive.
Nobody answers.

So the wealthy guy offers more: my cars, my airplanes
Nobody answers.

The offer goes higher: cars, airplanes, homes
Nobody answers.

Even higher: cars, airplanes, homes and b...
Suddenly there is a splash and this brave guy fights the crocodiles and finally emerges all cut up, bleeding and tired.

Brave man, the wealthy guy says, you have demonstrated your bravery.. here are the keys to my cars, my homes. My airplanes...
Excuse me, the ragged man says: I do not wish to have your possessions.

Oh my Gosh, the wealthy man says.. then what is it that you want...
Help me find the one who pushed me!

So here you might be, on the verge of a pool, waiting for something extraordinary to happen to you, or wanting to do something amazing... and every day opportunities go by...

Get the glasses on and take those steps or thank those who help you grow by forcing you into the unexpected.

In the mean time, maybe you can start singing in the shower, when you take a walk or with your kids or beloved ones. One thing is for sure, you will have a moment of happiness, and your lungs will grow healthier.

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Jump Into the Unexpected

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This article was published on 2010/03/30