Lawsuits Concerning Injury Car Accidents

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Every year, thousands of cars are involved in accidents. Sometimes the car hits something stationary belonging to no one and so their drivers have only their own damages to cover. Other times, they'll hit another car that does not happen to be moving. In still other cases, a car will be involved in an accident with another moving vehicle. When this type of accident occurs, the most questions need to be answered before any damages can be assigned by the insurance companies or private individuals.

One of the first questions that must be answered in determining liability in any car accident is who did what when that resulted in a collision. Who is generally going to be one of the drivers. It cannot be assumed that the person with more damage did something wrong or that the party with less damage did something wrong. Sometimes there is a correlation but other times damages to vehicles are completely arbitrary. The thing that caused the accident can be any number of things. Following too closely, speeding, illegal lane changes, lack of the use of a turn signal or directional, not using ones light's in rainy weather or when its dark outside, and any number of actions or inactions can cause an accident.

Once the erroneous action has been determined, it is time to assess the damages to each of the cars and people if injuries occurred. Sometimes one of the cars will look ok but will actually have had damage done to the frame. Once the frame of a car is bent, it may as well be totaled. Other damages may require such extensive repairs that it is not worth it considering the value of the car to repair them.

Damages to people are another story. Regardless of how severe the injuries may be to a person, they have to be fixed. The question eventually becomes one of "who pays for the medical bills, lost wages, and pain of the injuries?" This is where the real battles in car accident cases occur. Insurance companies are notorious for being slow to pay up or for underpaying on the bills that accrued because the driver they insured did something that caused a car accident. In fortunate cases, the insurance company will not require a full blown lawsuit and trial to be persuaded to cover the medical bills and other expenses incurred because of the car accident.

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Lawsuits Concerning Injury Car Accidents

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This article was published on 2010/03/26