Led car lights – Trendy and Secure!

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Car lights are the most important part of the car. It is like the eyes of human being without it movement and other activities are not possible. Sometimes lights can also be use as a mode of communication. In the range of led car lights led light lamp is the product available in the market. These led car lights provide powerful and bright light that allows driver to drive with a high level of visibility at night. Lights are arranged depressively in this head light. This led light consumes only 5w light that gives high performance of battery. Energy consumption of this car is below the average consumption, for these led car lights it is only tenth time and the life of this high quality head lamp is fifty thousand hours.

These led car lights reduce the oxidation of vehicle because these bulbs do not contain filament which helps heat to dissolve. Thus these light bulbs are very useful and beneficial for the vehicle. The socket used in these led car lights is of 9006 type. It emits 65 MA of light. Color temperature is 6000k in these led car lights. The dimension of these head lamps are length 60 mm, width is 50 mm and the height is 30 mm.

It is available in white color. Next product in this category of led car lights is 16 SMD light lamp. One bulb of this light lamp is equal to 16 LEDs. This is the best quality of lights and with it lights do not bumble inside the car at night driving. It consumes low power and is very easy to install and there is no need of a mechanic to do the same. It is the best interior dim light because whenever you feel like reading something this led light lamp gives you perfect light to see everything.

It is made up of very high quality of material that makes it shock proof and long lasting so that you need not to change it time to time. The led bulb of these led car lights is of 12v and gives triple time powerful light than other led bulbs. The height of these led car lights is 9 mm, width 16 mm and length 38 mm.

Next product in this category of led car lights is waterproof auto light. This is an eco friendly light with a long life to serve your car. It is made up of best quality of LED. It is the best light to decorate your car. These led car lights would surely change the look of your car.

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Led car lights – Trendy and Secure!

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This article was published on 2011/07/11