Legal aspect of headlights and their role in human safety

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Car lighting components play a significant role in making our lives safe and protected. This is what I believe. The simple reason behind is that they work like our eyes by making us see the road at the time when there is dark all around. It happens to me that whenever I feel like driving in the night, I have to think twice and finally conclude, let’s leave. The reason is simply the threat of getting struck or forgetting the path. Both these things are associated with visibility. You cannot strike to anything unless you are drunk or you cannot properly able to see the path. Unclear road visibility lets a person forget the correct way of reaching their destination place. More or less, lights provide easiness and comfort to the driver. I believe that keeping security in mind the manufacturers in the earlier time had made the first car equipped with the headlights.

Now having proper lighting in an automobile is must and it also has a major legal concern. I have ford Mustang, which is quite old as my father gifted his own car to me. The lights of my vehicle got damaged in an accident, but I kept on driving without getting them repaired. I was young that time and used to study in college. I used to drive in the day time, and this made me lazy and ignorant. One day police stopped me even I was wearing proper seat belt, and my car speed was normal. They give me a slip mentioning the fine of 100 dollars, and I was completely stunned that time. I asked them the reason and my fault where I was wrong. They told that your Mustang headlights are broken and driving without them is a crime. I argued about the time as it was afternoon and it does not matter if I am using them or not. One of the cops which seemed very genuine came to me and started telling me the importance and legal aspect of these front lights.

He said that there are some rules and regulations that we have to follow while driving. Among them driving without car lights is the biggest crime for which you might have to go to jail. He said that the government made such rules for your protection and car manufacturers also aim at your safety. If everybody is aiming at your goodwill, then why you are not interested in your own safety. These lights provide you with clear visibility in the dark which is necessary while driving. In case you have to drive in an emergency during the hours of darkness, then you will go for it without lights and will surely strike into some other car or even human. Your single mistake can take life of many people and others might have to repent for your blunder. Do not make such a mistake in the future and get it repaired or a new one as soon as possible. The talk with that cop brought a great change in me, and now I always keep special care of my vehicle and things associated with its and my safety.

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Legal aspect of headlights and their role in human safety

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Legal aspect of headlights and their role in human safety

This article was published on 2013/05/23