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I have just finished a tour of North Norfolk Hotels (work not pleasure!) but instead of ambling around in the company Mondeo, I elected to hire a MGB and make it an experience.

What fun it was zooming around the countryside in a bright red, old, open top sports car.

My weekend break Norfolk style became an absolute pleasure; setting off from Norwich at 11am I was soon on the open road, leaving the traffic behind me. Striking north on the B1149 with the sun out and my hair all over the place, I was soon given the opportunity to put my foot down. Now I know I was not really rocketing (the Mondeo would wipe the floor with the MGB on speed), but the sense of acceleration you get when you're less than a foot off the road is extraordinary. Coming across a little pub in the village of Edgefield I decided to stop and had a nice lunch outside while answering questions about the car from other pub goers. My ego was as pumped up as could be.

Reluctantly, I climbed back in the MG and, making a satisfying, throaty roar, returned to the business of inspecting North Norfolk hotels.

My first port of call was in the exceedingly pretty town of Holt (Anglo Saxon apparently for "wooded area" or "woodland"), the only problem being parking. They say that planning permission is going through for a new car park and, as far as I am concerned, it can't come too soon. The place is justifiably popular and after a visit to a delightful B&B in the centre of town I did a bit of shopping and then excitedly got back on the open road. What a difference it is to travel for work in a classic car of interest; other car drivers are much more respectful to a bright red MG than to "Mondeo (wo)man".

Heading north-east to Cromer, I parked up on the cliff top and had a stroll into the centre to conclude my business for the day.

Next month I have to survey Norfolk Luxury Hotels and I can't wait. I think perhaps a lovely little Triumph Stag would do?

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Mg Drivers Have More Fun

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This article was published on 2010/11/02