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A favorite Austin landmark, for both locals and visitors, is Lady Bird Lake. It was formally known as Town Lake. The Colorado River runs through the downtown area. It is great for the scenery and also for as a place to work out. The trails around the shoreline are popular for walking and biking and the trails are never empty. It has been a favorite among walkers, runners, and bikers since the 1970s when the trails were built. In Texas, it is one of the oldest urban hike and bike paths, and it still maintains its popularity and purpose for recreation.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity and crowded location, this has become a hot spot for theft. People sometimes leave their cars unlocked while the run, so they won't have to worry about working out and holding their keys. Valuables such as cell phones were being stolen from cars. The Austin Police Department set up a sting to catch some of the thieves that lurk around Lady Bird Lake. The police set up designated cars in the parking areas around the trails. The cars were set up with wireless security cameras in them to catch the thieves while in action and to monitor their behavior to see what they were targeting for theft.

The footage being recorded from the wireless security cameras was viewed from another location nearby so the police could spring into action quickly without being detected right away. In one of the cars, the police left the car keys in the car. A thief saw the keys in the car and sure enough made an attempt to steal the car. The thief actually started up the car and was ready to drive off until the police surrounded the car and mad an arrest for attempted robbery. All of which was seen on the footage being recorded from the security camera inside the car. Other cars were set up with the windows left open and some thieves looked inside the cars for anything of interest or value.

The operation was able to be carried out because of the use of wireless security cameras. They could be set up and hidden in the cars easily because there's virtually no instillation. Wireless security cameras can be viewed from any location, and in this case was done so with a laptop in a nearby safety location. The security cameras also provided evidence for prosecution of the thieves because the video was being recorded. The security cameras provided assistance in the police operation.

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Operation Wireless Security Cameras

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This article was published on 2010/04/02