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Spring Festival is approaching, many of us are planning a driving holiday to drive home or go on a trip, we also produced a number of car trips should be aware of some of the problems. Today we say a very detailed, but serious safety problems?? How to prevent and deal with foot pedal stuck. Manual transmission car has three pedals, Automatic car with two pedals, which stuck on Car And driver safety is a big hidden danger. Our analysis below 11.

Pedal stuck because it was to create, design defects, three types of technology are not in place, the situation is the following:

1, due to human causes discomfort generally refers to place luggage inside the vehicle, water bottles and other foreign matter down the hill to the pedal to pedal not depressed the next, which we usually are free to be prevented.

Prevention: In our normal driving, except for the inside and outside the car before the start of the inspection, but also pay attention to miscellaneous items inside luggage and zero placement is safe enough for our topic today, editors have to give tips that Do not throw mineral water bottles handy in the cab, below the fire extinguisher in the driver's seat must be fixed firmly, which are easy to slide into the pedal following items should not arbitrarily placed near the cab, even the rear seat passengers have to be careful not to the bottle on the floor of the back seat, because many models under the rear and the front seat is connected, the back seat of the items on the floor when brakes will slide into the driver's pedal down.

2, because not enough thoughtful design considerations, such as pedal height and travel unreasonable design, resulting in installation of mats, To glue After the interior decoration, etc. can not step on the pedal in the end, affect the effective stroke, or Press the pedal then scrape the mat, to gel and can not bounce, causing dangerous!

Prevention: We will car after car to do some decorating, pad, ground rubber is a common Car decoration , But they are also potential safety hazard of. We have mats and flooring installation, be sure to confirm the installation and to rubber mats whether the impact on the pedal (pedal must ensure that all affected Caixing). If conditions allow, as far as possible to do a solid plastic, a separate laying of the mat above also fixed up the best.

For example, some car owners to install pads on the reaction of one pedal after the release time can not be quickly or smoothly bounce (decoration shop and factory to have had similar problems, reflect), we can imagine about three pedals (automatic transmission are the two) can not fully back any one bit will allow drivers to become overwhelmed!

3, due to manufacturing process problems, or the use of the accelerator itself loose after a period of time when catching back bit slow, can not return to idle status. As the manufacturing process generally does not place the pedal caused the problem will involve a lot of models, such as some time ago, some manufacturers have recalled the large-scale production of cars, this is a common problem difficult to solve on their own, we can do is Before the outbreak of the security risks related to the brand as soon as possible to the 4S shop solution.
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Pedal Jammed To Prevent The Owners Of The Crisis And Treatment Methods - Pedal Stuck, Pedal -

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Pedal Jammed To Prevent The Owners Of The Crisis And Treatment Methods - Pedal Stuck, Pedal -

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