Replacing Rusty Exhaust Parts

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Since exhaust is an essential part of your vehicle's performance, maintenance to an exhaust system can be very pricey, costing many hundreds or even thousands to change. This cost is mainly made up of parts and labor replace from your garage. The nice thing about it is, with a little know-how and some tools, you can buy the parts yourself and save many hundreds over the price of a high-priced in-shop repair.

The first move in any auto endeavor is safety. You need to ensure you possess the proper tools to perform the task, and have the right setup to do the repairs in a safe way. You will require safety goggles at any time when you work on your car to give protection to your eyes from oil, steam, fragments of rust, and any other particles that can result in damage to your eyesight.

You will also need a car lift to get your car off the ground to get the exhaust system. In the absence of a lift, you can make use of tire ramps and blocks. Do not work with only a jack to lift your car. If the jack breaks or the car shifts, it will fall on you, possibly killing you. If you are applying ramps, make sure to secure the emergency brake system, and set blocks behind the front tires to stop the car from rolling by accident for any reason.

You will have to let the car cool down, ideally overnight, so that you can access the system. Do not try to work on a very hot car. You could be totally exposed to scalding steam, hot metal, or other dangerous conditions.

You will need to assess how much of the system needs to be replaced. This may mean replacing just one part of the system: the part manifold, the crossover piping, the catalytic converter, or the muffler. You may need to remove the whole system in order to replace the parts that have rusted out.


To take away this part of the vehicle, you shoud locate yourself under the car, until you are in front of the catalytic converter. You will observe pipes that bolt into either end of the converter. Then unbolt the system beginning from the back. You might discover that the mounting bolts themselves are rusty, and have to be forced open.


Next, you need to oil up the bolts and moving away the rust. Otherwise you may need to get or rent an impact gun to take away the stuck bolts.


Once you have removed the bolts, take off all the pieces from the hangers and place them out away from the car. All pipes should be taken out from the vehicle now, and you will be prepared to start changing the old part with a new one. You should remove the hangers and install them with a new, sturdier aftermarket car part.


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When you have installed all car parts together, be sure your exhaust system is correctly aligned from the front to the back bumper. Ensure your tail pipes and the bumper is a clean and professional look. As soon as you have done all the adjustments, take the additional time to check the tightness of all bolts.

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Replacing Rusty Exhaust Parts

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This article was published on 2012/02/01