Scrap Car And Make It Profitable

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People often get attached to their cars and when their cars hit the below-acceptable level of performance they hate to acknowledge the idea that they have to dispose off their vehicle. Many people prefer to keep their scrap car in their front lawn and let wild flowers grow around it than to scrap it. But, the truth of the matter is that after a certain point of time cars outlive their usability. The cost of maintaining such a car in all likelihood does not cover the value it has for you. Plus every time you take such a car out you run the risk of getting stalled midway with malfunctioning engines, spoiled spark plugs and what not. When you have a car that is for all practical reasons nothing more than a mass of steel, it is a good idea to scrap it.

The government has laid down rules that make it mandatory for you to scrap you car in an environmentally friendly way. You cannot just bang your car on to a tree and leave it there, or push it over the side of a cliff. Those are interesting ideas, but they will only leave you with a recovery bill on your hand. In some areas there are state run yards for scrap car, while in other states there are state authorized scrap yards. You must ensure that the yard you have chosen for scrap car is an authorized one with an operating license. And, once you send your car over to the scrap yard you will usually be handed a Certificate of Destruction, which is very important because it is the only document that unburdens you from all liabilities associated with owning the car.

All that said, there are things that you must do even before you send your car over to a yard for scrap car, so that you can make the most out of the bargain. Usually, there is very little you can make from scrapping a car, but with a proper knowledge of the process you can maximize your returns from disposing your car off. Before you send your car to the scrap yard you must remove anything from the car that is not metal. Scrap yards do not have any value for rubber or other materials, and anything other than metal will only reduce the amount you make from your car.

What you can do is dismantle the car yourself to remove everything that is not metal and also keep the spare parts that you could sell for a profit. You could bring your friends over to your house on a Sunday and ask them to help you dismantle your car. It is not an easy job and you could do with help. In fact, several people have been known to host car dismantling parties, where friends come in with spanners. You could make anywhere in between $50 to $100 from handing over the metal body to the yard for scrap car and some more from selling the valuable parts. Scrap yards usually have free tow away service and you can arrange for one simply by giving them a call.

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Scrap Car And Make It Profitable

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This article was published on 2010/11/02