Selling Your Scrap Car

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While many of us do have a tendency to get attached to our old cars, there does come a time when the majority are beyond repair. They become virtually worthless in private sales and showrooms wont give us any money in part exchange because they would be very difficult to sell. Once a car reaches a certain age it may be time to part with it no matter how attached weve become. If youve got a scrap car on your hands then you should be pleased to hear that it may be worth more money than you think.
Junk Cars

Scrapping a car and junking a car are different, both in how the car will be used and the money you receive. If a car is over 10 years old or more then it is highly likely that it will be sold as a junk car. This means that there is little or no value to be had from the parts in the car so you will receive money based solely on the scrap metal value.

Scrap Car

A scrap car, however, does offer you a return based on the parts that are in the car as well as the scrap metal value. Gear boxes, clutches, and other parts may still have a useful life left and so selling these would prove profitable to the buyer of your scrap car, because they have the contacts needed to make that sale.

The Benefits Of Scrapping A Car
A scrap car may not provide enough for you to buy the car of your dreams but it can give you some money in your wallet and it is an environmentally friendly way of disposing of a vehicle while removing all liability you have on the vehicle.
Scrap Car, London

Items like the battery and materials like oil are removed and disposed of legally, ethically, and safely. Any parts that can be recycled will be sent away for recycling and the scrap metal that is left will also be recycled; typically made into household items or converted back into the manufacture of another ethically manufactured vehicle. Disposing of your scrap car in this way could be profitable not only to you but to the environment as well.
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Selling Your Scrap Car

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This article was published on 2011/02/21