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You know the old saying: you can't teach an old dog any tricks. Whether this is true or not, it's certainly best to start teaching your dog obedience while he is still a puppy. By not taking 'cute' behavior such as chasing cats and cars seriously when the dog is young, you are in fact teaching him that it's fine to do it. Once he has grown up, he will continue with this behavior, which could well cost him his life in the end. Below we will briefly discuss how dog owners can stop dog chasing cars.

To understand why dogs chase cars, you have to consider their nature. They are natural hunters and herders. Some dogs therefore want to catch the car because he sees it as an intruder. Other types of dogs, such as a sheep dog, wants to 'herd' the car, to bring it back to your house. Unfortunately in both cases it can and probably will eventually cause the dog's death.

Start training your young dog while he is on a leash inside the house. This is the time to teach him basic commands such as 'sit' and 'stop. Once he is familiar with this type of command, take him outside for a walk - while still on the leash. Then teach him to always remain on the payment. Once he is very disciplined in this regard, you can start taking him for a walk without a leash. The 'stop' command should prevent him from chasing after cars or cats.

It is the unfortunate reality that you won't always be able to be with your dog. With nobody around to stop him from doing it, he could therefore still chase cars in your absence. The best long-term solution is of course a fence.

If you are one of the many people who don't fancy an ugly fence around your yard, you have one other solution. An underground electric fence can work just as well to keep the dog inside when it's used in combination with a shock collar. How it works is that as soon as he crosses the invisible fence, he will receive a relatively mild electric show from the shock collar. You don't have to be concerned that this will kill or seriously hurt him. All that is going to happen is that he will associate moving off the premises with the electric shock.

Another solution that many people recommend is to request a friend to drive around your block with his car a number of times. The moment your dog should chase his car, somebody in the car should throw a water balloon at him. This won't hurt him either and he should soon learn that chasing cars comes with negative consequences.

A final way to stop a dog chasing cars is to teach him to only chase things that you throw, such as a ball or a stick, and bring them back to you. When he brings something back, reward him with a chunk of food. This way he should learn that when you are not present, it makes no sense to chase things.

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Stop Dog Chasing Cars Advice

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This article was published on 2010/09/14