Subaru's Premier Crossover: An Overview of the Subaru Forester

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Subaru released the Forester in the late 90s to compete with other compact sport-utility vehicles and crossover utility vehicles that were emerging on the market. Subaru—a manufacturer known for applying an all-wheel drive system to its models—released the Forester to compete primarily with other Japanese automakers. Car shoppers would be glad to know that the Subaru Forester offers consumers the ruggedness of an SUV together with the ride and aggressive performance of a sedan.

The latest Subaru Forester has updated interior space that is bigger and more lavish than its predecessors. The design is also less wagon-like compared to older generations. Whether brand new or slightly used, the Subaru Forester offers car shoppers enhanced durability; exceptional handling, greater maneuverability, and a very unique styling which makes it stand out from the competition.

The Subaru Forester is a crossover utility vehicle that can seat five people and carry a lot of cargo. Additionally, the Subaru Forester comes in many different trim levels, as well as two major engine classifications: the 2.5X and the 2.5XT.

The Subaru Forester 2.5X models come standard with a naturally aspirated, horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine that generates 170 horsepower and 174 pound feet of torque. The standard transmission is a five speed manual. The XT models, on the other hand, get a turbocharged version of the engine that generates 224 horsepower and 226 pound feet of torque. Furthermore, the XT models come only with automatic transmission.

The Subaru Forester—which is available at your local Red Deer Subaru dealership—has many great upgrades. The base model is armed with a trip computer, air conditioning, cruise control, and full power accessories. Meanwhile, the non-base models get open wireless technology in addition to the base trims. The Premium trims have reclining seats, a sunroof, and alloy wheels. The Limited trims, on the other hand, have all these plus a better stereo, a navigation system, automatic climate control, a power driver's seat, leather seats, a rearview camera, and xenon headlights which are perfect for navigating poorly-lit roads.

As this article has demonstrated, the Subaru Forester is a solid entry into the fast growing compact sport-utility vehicle and crossover utility vehicle market. Available at Red Deer Subaru dealers, the various trims combine sleek styling with enhanced maneuverability and passenger comfort to create a truly remarkable automobile. The Subaru Forester is also fuel-efficient and helps owners cut down expenses on gas consumption. These qualities make them a viable alternative to other Japanese SUVs and CUVs.

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Subaru's Premier Crossover: An Overview of the Subaru Forester

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This article was published on 2012/04/20