The Similarities and Differences between a Car and Motorcycle

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Many people prefer cars over motorcycles. But a lot of people also prefer a motorcycle over a car. You may prefer to ride a bike because you are more comfortable on it than inside a car, but other like to drive a car than ride because they feel secure being incased by a metal. There are many differences between a car and a motorcycle and so are our personal preferences. There is a constant debate of what is better among the two.

Cars and motorcycles differ on wheels and over all physics. They move, stop and turn differently. A motorcycle can cover a small space while a car covers a big space. Since a car is larger, it can carry more people, can waste more resources and can isolate the driver from the environment. This isolation is a common source of road accident. A person inside the car is less aware of his surrounding thus it allows the person to use his mobile phone while driving, read or eat resulting to more accidents because of distracted driving.

However, these are not the only difference between the two and they both have similarities also. Both car and motorcycles use petrol, both run on the road, have engines, and both have brakes and accelerator. Their engines work in similar ways also and use the same theory. Aside from these similarities, they both require insurance, road tax, an MOT and a regular maintenance.

Even the cost of motorcycles and cars differ also. Most of the time, cars are more expensive than motorcycles. Because a car is bigger, it is also expensive to maintain. Cars have more accessories than a motorcycle aside from having four wheels. However, there are some motorcycles which is more expensive than a car.

When talking about safety, you can’t fully say a motorcycle rider is safer than a car driver and vice versa. Both cars and motorcycle are motor-driven, and both are dangerous and risky when not use properly. In other words, both cars and motorcycle are not safe at all. But if we consider statistics, a lot of road accidents are caused by motorcycles. Some of this accidents resulted to serious injuries and sometimes death. Since motorcycles are smaller than cars, they can move faster and can swerve in and out of lane which is very dangerous. An irresponsible rider could easily find his demise when riding a motorcycle.

However, not all road accidents are caused by motorcycle alone. A lot of them are caused by cars. So you can’t really claim cars to be safer. Even though cars have seatbelt and airbags, this is not a guarantee to being safe. What is needed in order to avoid accidents is a responsible driver. Remember also that even the best and the most experienced drivers been into some accidents. An accident can happen whether you like it or not, whether you’re riding a bike or driving a car.

The list of the similarities and differences between a car and motorcycle can go on and on. But despite their differences, both are very valuable to many people’s lives. Both are means of transportation that can take to any destination you want.


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The Similarities and Differences between a Car and Motorcycle

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The Similarities and Differences between a Car and Motorcycle

This article was published on 2012/08/08