Vacation at Your Own Pace in Lanzarote With a Car Hire

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The island of Lanzarote has much to offer a traveler, and you'll see it at its best when you can travel at your own pace. The best way to ensure that you can spend the amount of time that you want at each of your stops is to invest in a car hire at the airport in Lanzarote.

Why Hire a Car in Lanzarote?

There are other ways of getting around Lanzarote, of course, but none offer the same combination of flexibility and economy you'll get with a car hire. A bus tour puts you at the mercy of the driver and other tourists, and if you want to spend an extra hour or two lazing on the beach at Playa Blanca and the bus is leaving, you're out of luck. You'll just have to pack up your sunscreen and towel and head back to the hotel. With a car at your disposal, you can hit the beach first thing in the morning, head out for a shopping trip in the city or explore the back roads at your leisure with no concerns about missing your transport and no worries about the high cost of taxi service on the island.

Driving in Lanzarote

If you're used to city and highway traffic, driving in Lanzarote will be a treat. The traffic is light and the other drivers tend to be relaxed and easygoing. The roads on the little island are maintained well, and lead to most places that you'll want to reach. Some of the roads are narrow and winding, but you'll soon get used to traveling slowly and making way for other drivers where you need to do so. Keep in mind that drivers travel on the right side of the road, as they do in Spain, and familiarize yourself with the rules of the road before taking a car out for a drive. The trickiest part of driving in Lanzarote, according to many travelers, is navigating the roundabouts. The best way to get through them is to check the signs before you enter the roundabout so that you're not looking for your exit while trying to drive.

Tips for Driving in Lanzarote

* Always carry your driver's license, your passport and your car rental contract in the car with you when you drive.

* Wear your seatbelt at all times. There are fines for not wearing one while driving or traveling in a car.

Places to Hire a Car in Lanzarote

The easiest way to hire a car is to pre-book one so that it's there when you land at the Lanzarote airport. Because so many of the roads are narrow, a compact car is probably your best bet, though vehicles that can go off-road are another popular choice. There are a number of car hire companies on the island, though the prices for most are about the same for the same type of car and service.
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Vacation at Your Own Pace in Lanzarote With a Car Hire

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This article was published on 2011/04/12