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Choosing your wedding transport can be a tricky business. You will, I'm sure, want something stylish to help you make a grand entrance. It will be great for photographs to give that extra touch of elegance and romance. It could also be your opportunity to travel in absolute luxury for once in your life!

If you are on a tight budget then you may consider asking a friend who has a nice car to help out but you should consider this very carefully before you decide. A professional chauffeur company with years of experience will always help your day run smoothly. They will be on time, arriving in immaculately clean cars and bringing cleaning materials with them to keep them so. They will be well versed in what happens on a wedding day and will be thoughtful and helpful all day. Will your friend do all this?

Their experience will be invaluable with many situations that occur during the day.

For example automatically positioning the car for photographs, advising and helping the bride get out of the car, and waiting until after the ceremony for more photographs and your final ride to the venue. If you have arranged to go somewhere special for your couple photographs, make sure if parking will be an issue that there's a seat for your photographer in the car. Having a hired car will also mean that your friend does not miss part of the ceremony trying to find somewhere to park after dropping you off.

Your chauffeur will also have things such as umbrellas and will often give the couple a glass of chilled bubbly. It's a nice time when the newly married couple are 'on their own' for the first time and can share some quiet time together, usually the only time during the wedding day! It wouldn't be quite the same with your friend in the car too!

A professional car company will also make sure they are fully aware of travelling times, including up to date road works information. They will also be prepared (in case of accidents etc.) to take a diversion if necessary. Therefore your transport should be booked as early on as possible as they can advise and should be involved in the planning for the day.

Make sure when you book that you check your contract carefully. Ensure that your needs are outlined well within it, such as having a named driver on the day and his/her attire is specified. Double check that the people you book with are not subcontracting out to anyone else. The make, model and colour of the car should be included and make sure your carefully check the date, times and locations. There should be a clearly defined refund and cancellations policy and a robust plan for emergencies such as breakdowns or accidents. For example if your chosen car isn't working on the day then what will they replace it with? Ask for a couple of options, bear in mind that for smaller operators you might have to settle for this being a subcontractor. If you don't feel confident of their answer then simply use another company. You could be left stranded. A bigger and more experienced company would never hire out all their vehicles on the same day, so make sure they have some in back-up.  Insist that your car is only being used for your wedding on that day, otherwise they may need to rush off and things sometimes don't go to plan. Don't forget to check that they are fully insured and if necessary licensed in the county in which the wedding is taking place. Check that their insurance includes public liability. Always see your car before booking and make sure you are allowed to sit inside. Consider if there is a comfortable amount of room, for an example for the brides dress.

If you are hiring the car for the bridesmaids from this company too then ask for a deal. See if you can save some money. Make sure you check all the same things as for the bride's car too. Before you choose your car do shop around. There are many options from a VM camper, a classic Rolls Royce to a stretch Hummers. There should be something to fit in with your theme! Check that they will also be able to provide decorations and ribbon etc. in your colour. If this is not possible, could you provide them, and would they be able to use them?

In all make sure that you are totally happy with the service offered and that you are happy to trust these people with a very important part of your day. It will be worth spending some time and doing your homework!

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Wedding transport hints and tips

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This article was published on 2014/01/09
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