What Are OEM Parts?

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The world of car repair can become so confusing to some of us. If you are not familiar with the terms that auto mechanics use, it can sometimes seem like they are speaking another language when you have to listen to them.  But, listen you must.  You want to be sure that you are indeed doing exactly what you need to repair and protect that car; especially since it can be at such a huge expense.  Well, if you've ever been confused by the term OEM, you're not alone; especially, when they use it in the same sentence with salvage yards.


When referring to auto parts, the definition for OEM is:  this designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part; original equipment manufacturer.  What this means is you can rest assured that when you see an OEM sign on a replacement part, that part has been made by the "original equipment manufacturer".  You can know that this means that this part truly does work as a replacement part for your car.


Salvage yards are also getting into the act and doing their part for going green by recycling these parts for you to use for replacements when you need to do a car repair.  They often sell these replacement parts to online auto parts dealers.  This is their way to help save the environment by not allowing anymore junk scrap, metal, rubber, and plastic that can be reused go to the landfills but instead be recycled.  These items that they recycle are rigorously tested to meet high-quality specification or they will not sell them as used parts. 


You all want to do our part for the environment.  You recycle paper, glass, and plastic to be reused.  You shop with reusable shopping bags.  When it is time to choose new appliances you make a conscious effort to use energy efficient appliances in everyway you can right down to your furnace system. So why shouldn't you try as much as possible to recycle when it comes to repairs that you may have to do on your car. 


The world is no longer the same as it was decades ago.  Global warming and pollution have forced people to take a much harder look at every aspect of their life to see what ways they can help reverse this ugly trend of damaging our world.  What can the world possibly take and reuse that it was previously used to just sending to a landfill.  Well, the possibilities are endless.  Repairs for your car are a great way to start.  Not only will you feel good because you're doing your part but you will be allowing yourself to share in the savings afforded to people that replace car parts with used car parts.  The savings of replacing with a used car part versus buying that replacement part can be upwards to 75% off your total cost.  So carefully check out your options for replacing with used car parts and look for the best dealer so that you too can go-green when repairing your car.

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What Are OEM Parts?

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This article was published on 2011/04/03