What Women Want When Buying Cars

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Women can greatly influence a lot of activities. Husbands often buy cars based on the preference of their wives. In a study conducted by NBC, almost 60 percent of women buy new cars and 53% of them buy used cars showing that women are just as inclined to buy used cars as much as brand new ones.

According to research, almost 80% of automotive sales made to couples were heavily influenced by the wife. However, even with this statistic, a lot of women still fail to get the same respect and attention from car dealers whenever a couple walks into their shop. Indianapolis used car dealers should also consider what the wife prefers whenever a couple strolls into their showroom to have a look.

When men are asked about which type of car to buy, they talk about horse power limits and road performance, but when women walk into a used car showroom in Indianapolis, they are often asked what type of car theyll like to use every day. They usually mention a car ideal for driving her children to school. Mothers often prefer cars that are capable of accommodating a lot of stuff for the family during out of town travels.

Women are known to be family-oriented, nourishing, and serving. In used car dealerships Indianapolis, car dealers must be able to point out the car models that are convenient for a woman. Cars are not designed for a particular gender, but car dealers have to make it clear that certain cars are suitable for a womans lifestyle. This can only be done if car dealers are able to point specific car parts that would help them nourish and serve their whole family better.

Aside from this, women buying a used car in Indianapolis pay attention to car aesthetics as well. Women are innately stylistic, and with their complex personalities, their cars can become their medium of self-expression.

Above aesthetics and functionality, women make a great deal about car safety, used car dealerships Indianapolis must be aware of it. Car dealers have to convince wives and mothers that the cars theyre selling are safe enough for her and her family to use.
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What Women Want When Buying Cars

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This article was published on 2011/02/01